Beirut explosion ! blast happened in lebanon”s capital …

lebanon explosion

A two biggest explosions rocked Beirut explosion on Tuesday evening, flattening much of the port, damaging buildings across the capital and sending a giant mushroom cloud into the sky. Over 50 people were killed and 2700 injured with bodies buried in the wreckage, officials said.

Beirut is the capital and biggest city of Lebanon.

A few hours after, ambulances helped carried away the injured as military helicopters helped combat fires unattended in the vent. A soldier in the interface who asked to not be named told AFP It is a tragedy inside. Ambulances are still raising the injured.”

beirut explosion

Abbas Ibrahim leader of General Security, stated it might Have been due to exceptionally explosive material that has been confiscated from a boat a while back and saved in the port. Local tv station LBC explained the substance has been sodium nitrate.

Witnesses reported seeing a peculiar orange-colored cloud over The website following the explosion. Orange clouds of poisonous carbon dioxide gas frequently accompany an explosion between nitrates.

beirut blast

The explosion was magnificent even for a town which has witnessed civil War, suicide bombings and bombardment from Israel. It might be felt and heard as far away as Cyprus over 180 miles across the Mediterranean.

“It was a true horror show”. I have not seen anything like That because the times of this (civil) war,” said Marwan Ramadan, that had been about 500 yards from the vent and has been knocked off his feet by the power of the Beirut explosion.

Health Minister Hassan Hamad said the initial toll was 25 dead and over 2,500 wounded. Emergency teams issued that Lebanon to assist and wounded had to be taken into hospitals outside the capital.


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