Social Trends 2020

This Week Social Media Trends

We are going to tell you about the social media hastags and news that are at the top in 2020. In this list, 2020 social media will discuss about the topic on trending hash tags and news.

Social Media Trends 2020

social media trends 2020

 1. Covid-19 News

2. China India Dispute

3. CAA NRC Bill

4. CAA NRC Protest

5. Delhi Danga 2020

6. Sushant Suicide Case News

7. Lockdown In India

8. Real-Life Hero! Sonu Sood

9. Carry Roast Amir Or Tiktok

10. Youtuber Vs Tiktok Memes

11. Tik Tok Ban in India

12. Boycott China Products 

13. Ram Mandir News

14. Dhoni Retirement

2020 Social Trends India

Covid-19 News: The 2019 novel coronavirus, originating from the city of Wuhan in China, is an example of the same group of viruses, whose infection is spreading rapidly throughout the world in 2019-20 as the outbreak of the 2019-20 Wuhan Corona virus.

Coronavirus Figure Update In The World

Coronavirus Cases: 22,000,000

Deaths: 800,000

Recovered: 15,407,861

Caa Nrc Bill: The NRC is primarily implemented to exclude intruders from Bangladesh while the CAA is designed to grant citizenship to illegal migrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. 5. NRC is implemented only in the state of Assam, while the provisions of CAA will be applicable throughout the country.

China India Dispute: Tensions continue between China and India on the border. Both countries have withdrawn their forces from different locations. However, it is being said that despite the retreat, the Chinese army is still in places it never claimed. Looking at the record of negotiations between India and China to resolve the border dispute in 1960 shows that PLA Pongong So and Galvan Valley have PLA troops outside Beijing’s old claim.

Sushant Suicide Case News: Significantly, Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide in his Mumbai flat on 14 June. It was alleged that he was under pressure and he was under depression. In this case, apart from Mumbai, a case has now been registered in Patna and Patna Police is investigating it.

Real-Life Hero! Sonu Sood: Actor Sonu Sood has been campaigning to send migrant laborers to their homes amid the lockdown. He has been in discussion for a long time. Explain that this Bollywood actor is popular for playing the villain in films. He has emerged as a real-life hero due to sending migrant laborers, students and needy from Maharashtra to his home. He has spent lakhs of rupees to send thousands of migrants to his home. People all over the country are praising his work.

Tik Tok Ban: Tick Talk cannot be downloaded in India, as Google Play Store and App Store have blocked it. … TikTok has 12 crore monthly active users in India. Following the Madras High Court order, now this app has been removed from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. That is, now new users will not be able to download it.

Dhoni Retirement: Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the captain who won the World Cup title to India, has announced to retire from international cricket on the day of August 15. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has announced to retire from international cricket. Dhoni retired from Test cricket in 2014, but now he has retired from the limited overs format. Dhoni played his last international match in the World Cup against New Zealand in July 2019. India lost the match played in the World Cup semi-finals.