Top 10 Most Subscriber Youtubers In India 2020 – Latest Figure

Top 10 Most Subscriber Youtubers In India

Have you ever wondered who the most popular YouTube superstars of India are? There are more than 650 million active internet users in India as of July 2020. And over 3 billion users worldwide watch millions of videos and make millions of videos on YouTube every day.

Today, YouTube’s top stars and content creators have more viewers than the population of some countries. Many of YouTube’s stars are getting more views than some of India’s most popular TV programs. With the ever-increasing importance of YouTube, many are taking YouTube as their flower-time career.

Top 10 Most Subscriber Youtubers List

Here we are going to tell you about some of the most popular Indian YouTube Superstars. We focused primarily on independent YouTube stars, not channels with mainstream actors.

1: CarryMinati (Ajay Nagar)

Subscribers: 24.3M

carry minati youtube channal

Ajay Nagar (born 12 June 19) is an Indian comedian, roster, gamer, rapper and No 1 YouTuber In India. Ajay Nagar became the first YouTuber in India to have 24.4 million individual subscribers on YouTube, who are from Faridabad, India. He is known for his YouTube channels “CarryMinati” and “Carry-Is-Live” (CarryIsLive), and is counted among the most popular YouTube in India. He himself has recorded a video, Tik Tik Vs Utd October Video which made the record.

2: Amit Bhadana

Subscribers: 20.9M

amit bhadana youtube channel

With over 20.9 million subscribers, Amit Bhadana is very popular among the YouTube community and is one of the top Indian YouTube Superstars. Amit was born on 7 September 1991, who is a resident of Faridabad, India and has a law degree. His parents did not know about his YouTube channel when he started it because Amit was afraid to tell him. Like any typical Indian middle-class family, it was difficult for him to persuade his parents to pursue a career on YouTube.

3: Ashish Chanchlani

Subscribers: 19.8

ashish chanchlani youtube channel

Ashish Chanchalani is a YouTube sensation and also has a background in Bollywood. His family supported him greatly with his career. Ashish started his YouTube channel in 2009 and is well-liked by people due to its original quality content and comedic parody. Currently his channel has more than 19.8 million subscribers.

4: Bhuvan Bam

Subscribers: 18.5M

bb ki vines youtube channel

Bhuvan Bomb is from New Delhi, who was born on 21 January 1994. He graduated from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College. Bhuvan is another superstar on our list with over 18.5 million YouTube subscribers. Due to his immense popularity, his YouTube channel BB Ki Vines won the title of ‘Most Popular Channel on YouTube’ at the Webtwasia Awards 2016.

5: Technical Guruji (Gaurav Chaudhary)

Subscribers: 18.5M

Technical Guruji youtube channel

With over 18.5 million subscribers to its channel Technical Guruji, Gaurav Chaudhary is one of the most popular YouTubers in India. Gaurav started his YouTube channel in 2015 and started posting videos in Hindi, which talked about technology, smartphones, reviews, unboxing and more. His videos are very helpful and informative, and his way of presenting is very easy for anyone to understand. Gaurav Chaudhary is one of the fastest growing popular Indian YouTubers.

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6: Sandeep Maheshwari

Subscribers: 16.1M

Sandeep Maheshwari youtube channel

Sandeep is the CEO of Sandeep started his work as a photographer in 2000 and worked as a freelancer for several small businesses. Then in 2007, he sold his camera to join a marketing company called Japan Life.

In 2003, Sandeep wrote a book on marketing and started a firm, but then he had to close the company too soon. He then started when he came to know about stock photography. He also offers free seminars that are life-changing for many people. His inspiration and approach to life gives hope to society. Sandeep Maheshwari is one of the popular Indian YouTube superstars.

7: RoundToHell

Subscribers: 15M

RoundToHell youtube channel

The channel was started in 2016 by three friends – Nazim, Wasim and Zine. They create comedy content together. When he first made his video debut, he did not get a very good response from the audience, but he did. When one of their videos went viral, the three expressed shame.

8: FectTechz

Subscribers: 14.1M

FectTechz youtube channel

Rajesh Kumar reveals amazing facts about everything and anything through this channel. Their contents range from a list of the most expensive things to why non-removable batteries in smartphones nowadays.

9: Dr. Vivek Bindra

Subscribers: 13.3M

Dr. Vivek Bindra youtbe channel

Dr. Vivek started his YouTube channel in 2013, since then he has been reaching millions and inspiring millions worldwide with his speeches, as he now has more than 13.9 million subscribers in more than 190 countries .

Dr. Vivek also has a counseling academy called Global ACT. He was awarded as the Best Corporate Trainer by Maruti Suzuki for two consecutive years. He has also written 10 great motivational books which are sold in millions. The International Association of Lions Club named Drs. Vivek Bindra honored as the best motivator and keynote speaker in India.

10: Emiway Bantai

Subscribers: 11.8M

Emiway Bantai youtube channel

Emiway Bantai is a rapper and producer of some of the best rap songs in India, including Samajh Me Aaya Kya, who has crossed 67 million views on Youtube. Interestingly, Amywe Bantai was once rejected by India’s Got Talent, a popular show along the lines of America’s Got Talent.


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