Top Best Video Sharing Apps Made in India after banned Tik-Tok

Top Best Video Sharing Apps Made in India

Ever since the Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps, Indian apps are growing rapidly in the Google Play Store. TikTok is also included in the banned 57 Chinese app list and the app had crores of users in India. In such a situation, if you want to use an top best video sharing app with features like Tik-Tok, then there are many Made in India video sharing alternative app. You can use any of these apps as a replacement for Tik-Tok.

Here we are suggest for you top best Indian video sharing app

Top 3 Best Video Sharing App

1 Roposo App

Download – 80 million +

Rating 4.4

Rapidly downloaded after the Tik-Tok ban, the app gives users the option to create and share videos in several Indian languages. The app has lots of filters and instead of making videos, creators are also awarded coins. This app is most downloaded video sharing app India.

2 Mitron App

Download – 10 million +

Rating 4.4

The Mitro app that hits the Play Store has features similar to those of Tik-Tok. Available to Android users, in this app, a feed of the top videos from the global platform is visible to users as soon as the app is opened and a sharing option. This app rating is 4.4 and user satisfied with Mitron app feature and function.

3 Chingari

Download – 10 million +

Rating 4

This app, which is in the trending list, is available on both Android and iOS and gives users a choice of several local languages. Apart from short videos, the app also has a news reading feature.

4 MX TakaTak  

Download – 10 million +

Rating 4.3

This short video making app has been launched by the popular video app MX Player and is an app designed to offer multiple categories in India. This app is also available on the Play Store for Android users.

5 Bolo Indya App

Download – 10 million +

Rating 4.1

On the Indian Video App, users can create and share short videos. The video can be shared in many Indian languages ​​including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi and Oriya.

6 Moj App

Moj Short Video App

Download – 10 million +

Rating 4.1

The Made in India mosaic app has been downloaded by millions of users so far and is available on the Google Play Store. On the app, users can also make friends around them and it is Sharechat’s video app.

These are all the best tick-to-alternative video sharing apps that can be used to entertain you and others.


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